Hyundai Solar Panels

PERL Technology

Hyundai solar panels are engineered for quality and reliability in one of the most advanced solar research & development facilities in the world. These panels have a track record of performance backed by the most trusted warranty in the industry.

Hyundai's unmatched value provides:

  • Mono-crystalline modules for superior quality
  • Passivated Emitter, Rear Locally diffused (PERL) technology improves performance
  • Solar cell production method generates 5% more electricity
  • Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturer
  • Fortune 500 company to honor your system's warranty.
  • Download the Hyundai Product Highlight
  • View the Hyundai 290w Data Sheet
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Enphase Microinverters

Production Monitoring

Advanced monitoring means homeowners can see each solar panel's individual performance. Each proud solar system owner can show off how well their solar installation is performing and how the MyEnlighten monitoring is allowing them to take control of their energy use. 

With Enphase, system owners can:

  • Track energy production
  • Monitor their system's health
  • Share production data with family & friends
  • Easily monitor from simple, mobile-friendly interface
  • Unmatched 25 year warranty
  • View the Enphase M250 data sheet
  • Download Enphase Envoy data sheet

Unirac PV Racking

Innovative Solutions for PV Racking

Unirac is the leading manufacturer of PV mounting solutions in North America, and is headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. Providing the best mounting solutions to our customers through premium products that deliver industry leading superior quality for solar racking.

Innovative PV Racking enables:

Who is Affordable Solar? 

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At Affordable Solar, we provide more than a solar system. We provide two decades of experience, an excellent reputation of performance, and the peace of mind that goes with them. See for yourself why New Mexicans prefer the fully certified, sun-loving team at Affordable Solar.