Production Guarantee

Track record of performance

We stand behind our production estimates and will honor our representations about system production by adding additional panels or paying you for lost revenue for 5 years.

Your solar system design includes:

  • Custom engineering & system design
  • Built to offset annual usage needs
  • Annual production estimate to lock rate
  • Clearly outline energy savings in Year 1
  • As rates go up, your savings look even better
  • Download our official brochure

System Monitoring

Enphase for Homeowners

Advanced monitoring means homeowners can show off how well their solar installation is performing and how the MyEnlighten monitoring is allowing them to take control of their energy use. Click here to learn more.

With MyEnlighten, system owners can:

  • Track energy production
  • Monitor their system's health
  • Share production data with family & friends
  • Easily monitor from simple, mobile-friendly interface
  • Download Enphase Envoy data sheet

Installing Confidence

Licensure & Certification

Our NABCEP certified engineers, designers and installers build the largest solar systems in New Mexico. The same team members will be working on your solar system. Our expertise ensure that you will receive the most energy and longevity from your solar investment.

Licensure & Certifications:


Changes in the solar industry, rapid growth, diversification and expansion have not altered our dedication to the core principles that Affordable Solar was built upon.  We have remained stable and credible for two decades and our reputation among our customers and business associates is a reflection of our consistency. We hold the value of relationships above everything else, built on our belief that working together as a community is essential to succeeding in business and bettering our society.  We do what we say we are going to do, not just before the project, but for years after.